How COVID-19 Changed the Recruitment Process

How COVID-19 Changed the Recruitment Process

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we live, work and even play. The once busy offices turned into seemingly ghost towns when the lockdowns started, while the majority of homes meant for rest instantly turned into a place of work. While no one knows if the world will ever achieve 0 cases again, experts are sure that most of the changes brought by the pandemic will stay – especially in the field of recruitment.

Recruitment and hiring industries are not exempted with the changes brought by the new normal, as they call it. As a result, it's more vital than ever for businesses to figure out what's changed and decide which aspects of this new normal in recruitment they'll carry through into the post-COVID era. Here’s a rundown of some of the changes.

Virtual screening processes

Companies have been forced to embrace the virtual interview process quickly when the lockdowns started. While navigating virtual interviews and finding excellent applicants can be difficult online, especially with connectivity and environment issues still present, the cost and time savings for both applicant and recruiter make it worthwhile. This trend is expected to continue because of the convenience it offers and as remote work becomes the norm.

Access to global talent pool with virtual workplace

Recruiters are no longer bound by the company's location, as many organisations have adopted flexible working practices. Hiring managers can now choose from a far larger pool of potential hires. On the one hand, this implies that more people are applying for the same job, making the competition a bit fiercer between candidates. On the other hand, it allows recruiters to locate the best candidate for the job.

Emphasis on company culture

Because of the pandemic, remote work became the norm and less emphasis was placed on physical workplace perks. Meaning, a full stock pantry or a beautiful office no longer have the appeal it used to have on prospects and employees. What matters most now to jobseekers is the company culture. More and more talents are looking into having a glimpse of the company’s values before making a decision. They also tend to leave faster if the company’s values are not in line with theirs.

Companies must also now actively sell themselves to job searchers by providing relevant advantages such as flexible working, health and wellness packages, and sick leave policies for when employees need to care for a sick family member in order to stand out. Remote working is here to stay, and businesses can no longer entice job searchers with a posh office or a funky recreation room - they must instead demonstrate how they will care for their employees.

Adapt to new normal recruitment with Tech Consultants

The year 2020 has been marked by unpredictability, risk, and drastic upheaval. Employers must have a strong grasp of the new norms that are beginning to emerge in order to adjust to the new normal of a pandemic-era corporate landscape.

Employers can gain access to the resources and skills needed to attract and retain top employees throughout the epidemic by partnering with a professional recruiter. Leave the recruitment process in the hands of capable consultants who can find the best talents for you from Australia and over the world.

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