Graduated? There Is a Career For You

Graduated? There Is a Career For You

Hurray! Now that you've graduated, what do you want to do with your life? Will you pursue your degree further, or will you choose another career route for the time being? These are the real-life questions that are difficult to answer nowadays.

It also makes it more difficult for recent graduates to pursue their desired careers because the pandemic is still ongoing, and some may feel forced to look for employment that is not in line with their college degree, which took them four to five years to complete. Remember that it is OK to seek a completely different career path because you are not limited to only professions within your degree.

In this article, we will look at some of the best career opportunities for recent graduates in 2022. But first, let's examine some facts that indicate how job applicants behaved during and before the epidemic.

Where do college graduates seek employment?

According to 2020 Glassdoor economic research, new grad-related job postings have plummeted 68% from this time last year due to the COVID-19 problem, yet new grads still want to work in tech. Tech companies account for seven of the top ten employers attracting new graduate applicants. Furthermore, as new graduates gravitate toward technical skills such as software engineer, data analyst, and business analyst, these positions are becoming more available. During the COVID-19 crisis, these are the positions that received the most employment applications, accounting for 18% of all fresh grad applications.

Software engineer applications accounted for 8% of all new graduate job applications in May 2020, according to data from the 2020 Glassdoor economic study, making it the most popular role to apply to for new graduates. This is unsurprising given its high starting pay of nearly $94,000 for recent college graduates. There are also higher-paying positions such as data scientist and software developer.

However, money isn't the only reason that motivates people to apply. New college graduates are also seeking lower-paying positions that have shown to be resilient throughout the COVID-19 crisis and typically allow for remote work.

Now, let's discuss the top career options for new graduates in 2022.

College allows you to gain a diverse set of skills that will prepare you for a variety of opportunities. has compiled a list of the top 20 jobs for college graduates.

1. Customer services representative

National average salary: $13.56 per hour

Primary duties: Customers are helped by customer service representatives who educate them on the product and aid them in placing purchases. Retail, restaurant, technology, and hospitality are just a few of the areas where customer service representatives work. Communication and problem-solving abilities are common among college graduates, which are useful in the customer service representative profession.

2. Administrative assistant

National average salary: $15.76 per hour

Primary duties: Administrative assistants help with the day-to-day operations of a company. They could answer phones, help clients, file paperwork, and enter data into a computer database, among other things. College graduates' improved communication and project management abilities will also help them excel in an administrative assistant career.

3. Computer technician

National average salary: $15.82 per hour

Primary duties: To fix client computer problems, computer technicians must have a solid working understanding of computers. Customers and companies may be able to get immediate help with computer issues from them. When completing college assignments, college graduates frequently take classes or utilize standard computer applications, making them ideal candidates for computer technician positions.

4. Research assistant

National average salary: $16.03 per hour

Primary duties: To help with research projects, research assistants employ investigative and evaluative abilities. Students are likely to acquire these abilities because they will be required to complete multiple research assignments and papers during their school.

5. Teacher or substitute teacher

National average salary: $14.62 per hour

Primary duties: Teachers are in charge of creating and implementing lesson plans as well as educating pupils. Many of them teach a variety of disciplines, while others specialize in one. While many college students interested in a career in education will pursue a teaching degree, a substitute teaching post does not require a teaching degree. Furthermore, certain college graduates may be qualified to teach at a community college.

6. Tutor

National average salary: $25.18 per hour

Primary duties: During their education, college students will build study skills that will aid them in their work as a tutor. Tutors assist students of all ages and levels in completing homework projects or studying for an exam.

7. Marketing coordinator

National average salary: $45,144 per year

Primary duties: Marketing coordinators are in charge of organizing and executing a client's marketing efforts. They may help with creative concepts, analytics, and overall marketing plans for both digital and print advertising. Students learn organizational and project management abilities in college, which are beneficial and crucial in accomplishing the responsibilities of the marketing coordinator function.

8. Human resource representative

National average salary: $49,612 per year

Primary duties: Human resource representatives help with all aspects of an organization's recruiting and hiring. Employee records will be managed by human resource personnel, who will also handle employee grievances and conflicts. Problem-solving skills, as well as solid interpersonal skills, are essential when working as a human resource representative.

9. Sales representative

National average salary: $65,067 per year

Primary duties: Customers are educated on how to use a product or service by sales representatives. They create working connections with potential clients while also striving to enhance an organization's sales using excellent interpersonal and customer service abilities.

10. Account manager

National average salary: $60,049 per year

Primary duties: Within a company, account managers are in charge of many customer accounts. If a consumer or client has any queries or concerns regarding their account, they should contact them directly. College students who work as account managers will benefit from their organizing and managerial abilities.

11. Auditor

National average salary: $67,952 per year

Primary duties: An auditor examines and analyzes a company's financial paperwork for any flaws. Auditors may also examine a company's payroll and taxes to ensure that it complies with all applicable state and federal rules. Auditors have strong quantitative and analytical abilities that help them grasp a company's financial needs while also analyzing its existing financial situation.

12. Pharmaceutical sales representative

National average salary: $75,576 per year

Primary duties: Pharmaceutical sales representatives utilize their knowledge of chemistry and science to help customers understand how to use various drugs. Pharmaceutical reps utilize this expertise and insight to educate medical professionals and clients to market the product. Pharmaceutical reps cultivate professional ties with medical professionals to market more goods.

13. Business operations manager

National average salary: $80,323 per year

Primary Duties: A business operations manager is in charge of supervising the whole organization's business operations. The business operations manager may assess existing operational procedures and provide improvements suggestions to management. They could also give suggestions for improving the training program or the individual training resources.

14. Recruiter

National average salary: $69,815 per year

Primary duties: Recruiters assess an organization's management and personnel needs before looking for candidates to fill those positions. When networking and reaching out to potential prospects, recruiters usually have a strong interview and interpersonal skills. College students are frequently given the chance to learn about many aspects of a firm, which aids them in their recruitment efforts.

15. Project manager

National average salary: $81,408 per year

Primary duties: Project managers assess project objectives and then motivate all team members to achieve those objectives. To break down each part of a project and match it to the organization's specified timeframe, project managers employ excellent organizational and planning abilities. Delegation skills are often used to assign staff to certain tasks depending on their abilities.

16. Information technology (IT) security administrator

National average salary: $93,826 per year

Primary duties: IT security administrators apply confidentiality and security measures within a business using highly developed IT abilities. IT security administrators are in charge of safeguarding a company's valuable customer data.

17. IT manager

National average salary: $86,667 per year

Primary duties: IT managers are in charge of an organization's whole information technology (IT) infrastructure. They might be in charge of upgrading hardware/software programs or addressing IT issues in the workplace.

18. Database administrator

National average salary: $97,007 per year

Primary duties: Database administrators are responsible for organizing and preserving all of an organization's data. Database administrators are in charge of troubleshooting data and creating new data organization techniques.

19. Financial manager

National average salary: $99,796 per year

Primary duties: Financial managers forecast and assess a company's finances. Financial managers examine the financial paperwork from the previous year and utilize that knowledge to set financial goals for this year.

20. Software engineer

National average salary: $1010,526 per year

Primary duties: To create software programs, a software engineer employs advanced mathematical and analytical skills. As needed, software engineers can debug existing programs and make improvements to existing engineering programs.

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